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Interior Package

Coupes - $140
Sedans - $160
SUVs - $180

This package consists of...

  • Interior trim cleaning

  • Vacuuming

  • Window cleaning

  • Clean and condition leather

  • Door jams


  • Trim protectant (starts at $10)

  • Leather protectant (starts at $10)

  • Carpet extraction (starts at $20)

  • Cloth seat extraction (starts at $20)

  • Headliners (Starts at $10)

  • Air freshener

Exterior Package

Coupes - $50

Sedans - $60

SUVs - $80

This package consists of...

  • Soap and rinse

  • Scrubbing

  • Wheel and brake cleaning

  • Tire shine

  • Drying



  • Ceramic wax (starts at $20)

  • Paint chips (starts at $5)

  • Plastic restoration (starts at $5)

  • Engine bay (starts at $40)

  • Headlight restoration (starts at $20 per headlight)

  • Door jams

Ceramic Coating

Coupes - $500

Sedans - $550

SUVs - $600

This package consists of...

  • Clay bar

  • Iron decontamination 

  • Full ceramic


  • Coated windows

  • Coated wheels

  • Coated brakes


Prices depend on stage and vehicle size

This package consists of...

  • Stage 1 correction (polish; removes minor scratches and enhances gloss)

  • Stage 2 correction (compound and polish; removes all scratches and deeply enhances gloss)

Prices are not firm until I see the vehicle in person.

Curious about ceramic coatings?

Since 2010, ceramic coatings have grown popular with detailing businesses across the world. Why?

Ceramic coatings are chemical polymer solutions that are applied to help protect the paint on your car. In addition with your cars clear coat, ceramic coatings keep your paint shiny and less vulnerable to scratches. They are also known for their hydrophobic properties which create little dots of water when it rains or gets wet. 

My ceramic coatings will last around two years. If you intend on getting the full two years of life it is important that you stay away from automatic car washes and anything else that may strip the coating. 

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